I’m the person blending in with you. I see, I watch, I listen. I try to fit rin while always being on the outside. Never quite in, yet in enough that you accept me being around.

I know there is no normal. If there is, I’ve never seen it. Actually, I’m as abnormal as they come. I have this unique ability to see through the bullshit. To see through the mask you put on. I see the bullshit of societal norms, the media feeding you fake fodder, the broken systems, the inconsistent beliefs. I see you eat it up and accept it as truth.

In order to see the inside I must walk in from the outside. So I blend. If you saw me you’d never know. But if I see you, I know. I allow you to remove your mask. To speak frankly. To teach you to see it. I appear so unassumingly that it’s safe. Because I get it. I do.

I’ll never be part of it. I mix between not wanting too, but yet, still belong. A normal nobody makes me seem just like you, some average ant in a sea of universe. It means I fit in somewhere. I may be weird, but you accepted enough. And once in I can see, enlightened through experience. Then I absorb, acknowledge, share. I learn the world. Experience it. Then I share it here. Without the bullshit.

One thing you should always know:

The normal nobodies run the world. The normal nobodies change the world.

I’m proud to be part of the normal nobodies.

I’m proud to be a part of running the world.

I’m most proud to change it.

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Oneness symbol from http://www.onenessjewelry.com/story

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