Me? You want to know about little old me?

Oh, the name.  Why the name? It sounds insulting, like I’ve minimized myself.

No.  It’s a statement in two ways.  The first about what a “Normal Nobody” can do in this world.  The workers, the people, the “average Joes and Janes”.  The ones who follow the rules.  See, when you follow all the small rules, you can break all the big ones.  You can change the world, fate.  Butterfly effect.  One smile from you passing a sad stranger may brighten his day, may even save his life if he is depressed enough.  One small action of defiance by an average, rule following woman, like refusing to sit on the back of a bus, can change a country.

The second is the irony of the culture we find ourselves in.  Celebrities of Instagram, kids posting videos on YouTube for view fame.  Everyone thinks they are a somebody.  We post pictures of our food, tell people where we are in the moment, update people about our lives.  Even our pets are view fodder.  Popularity based on a thumbs up or down.

And do you really care what food truck your friend is at, in the moment? Yet, I bet if you found a delicious restaurant and post it to Facebook, you think your friends care.  Friends who may not even be in the same state.

I do it too.  But I know the truth.  I’m not famous.  I could care less if my friends thumbs up my cat.

On the upside, I get to speak.  I may not be looking for fame, but I am looking for change.  Even if for just one person to think, to know, to open.

And I’m proud to be one of you.  A normal, everyday person; a nobody who can make change silently, below the radar.  The best way to make change.

I’m proud to be a Normal Nobody.


E-mail me NormalNobody@writeme.com

Tweet me @NormlNobdy

All material copyrighted.  Public is allowed to use with proper citations only.

Oneness symbol from http://www.onenessjewelry.com/story


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