Well, now that….

Whatever that was.


To my dear friend in the comments. You might find your comments aren’t there, and that’s ok. Actually, it was kinda a whoops.

Yeah, my blog is kinda boring. So, help? Actually, everyone. Where should I go? What would you like to see?

Let’s spice this up a bit….

3 thoughts on “Spicy

  1. Youre not gonna like this answer but im someone who states facts. You’re boring. I mean that in a non malicious manner but you’re incredibly boring and mundane. You write about the same thing over and over again. At first it was somewhat empathetic and it made me read a few entry’s out of sy aothy. but you’re becoming mundane and repetitive. It’s like reading the same dreadful and dull emo poem aboit how the world is black again and You just want to walk up and leave the audience. . The whole point of writing a blog is to gain experiences and Document them. That’s why most people have blogs. It’s to update and Document their experiences with others. The last few entry’s have been same mellow dramatic pity card that you see on tumblr. There’s only so many times I can hear about how sad someone is before it starts to become a chore. On top of that there should be a theme to a blog. People tend to have theme for their blogs. Music reviews, traveling, food exploration, movie blogger, you don’t have a theme. It’s like one day you’re trying to be a hipster, the next day a millennial, then a retrospect. It gets tiring and no offense but writing about how sad you are for the one millionth time in a row gets really old really fast. If you want to attract readers and keep the ones you have write something about topics that interest people and find a theme for these blogs. Here’s a tip, if you have to ask what people want to hear, you’re running out of ideas.

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    1. I recently replied to another comment, where I thanked you for calling me out on the pity party bull. Please go ahead and read that (I think it was under the Fear and Trembling post). Anyway, the blog is back to normal, please continue to give me a chance. Check out my comment, and then continue on to “Him” which is back to what the blog is going back to, direction wise.
      The reason why I asked for suggestions, if you look at the biline, “The World from the View of a Random Witness” the topics I am asking suggestions for is things you, my readers, want to start a discussion on. Current events, politics, God, religion, absurdity, or something completely random I can (hopefully) answer comically, dramatically, or whatever it calls for. Feel free to ask my take on stuff. I know the last few posts have been crap, and I addressed that in a different comment. Please keep reading as the blog is back on track and does have a direction. Head over to the “jump to an article” and click “Him”


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