I am forsaken

It’s not real. It was never real. I renounce. I give up. I tried. There is no more I can do. I’m sorry I lead you to something that never existed. I gave you false hope. I gave you lies. 

No matter what, it’s my fault. At least no one else will ever admit their fault. They say things one day and forget. It’s a lie. So it’s my fault. It just is that way. I’ve learned to lie like the best. I diluded myself. 

It’s over.

3 thoughts on “I am forsaken

  1. Happiness is a choice you know. You can choose to be happy and you can choose to improve your life and learn to make smarter choices. It’s all about how you apply yourself. It’s all about personally accountability.
    And this post here shows me that you’re not serious about changing your life or improving it. You’re just expecting things to happen and making excuse for your failures when in actuality there’s no excuse other than your own poor decisions.
    I want to reiterate this curse it’s honestly the purest form of honest and facts. You’re at fault for not making better decisions and taking accountability. There’s no lie. There’s no delusion , you’re not a victim. You’re just expecting rewards for things you put no effort into.
    I say this with no hatred what so ever. You’re not a victim. You’re just lazy. Get your act together and quit your belly aching.


  2. Like I said your biggest fault Is making bad decisions and expecting things and rewards for your half assed actions. It doesn’t work that way. Grow up and be an adult and get your act together , no one else is gonna do it for you


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