The Chapel Hill Murders

I think it was an episode of Law and Order SVU where the cops showed up to an anti-abortion rally where they got wind a doctor would be killed.  When they asked one of the protesters why they would kill a man, he responded by asking the same question back.  “We are here to preserve life, not take it away.”

That stayed with me.  We are absolutely entitled to our beliefs, but killing people over them makes our point hypocritical, and lost.  It says nothing but that one person can prove he has more hate in his heart than he does for the idea he’s supporting.

With that, three beautiful Muslim women were killed, putting two families in heartbreak, simply because one guy didn’t believe in Muslims.  I’m so sorry for your loss.  There’s no words I can say here that would make it right.  I’m sorry that humanity itself has let you down.

If there is any good in this, it’s that some psychopath with a gun who thinks he’s fighting for freedom will now live and die in the confines of an unfree prison.  He will never take another free breath again.  Hopefully, the officers will continue to give him, over and over, the most slippery slab of soap any prison has ever had.

Wherever we go, wherever we wind up, the words hate and wrong will become meaningless.  It doesn’t bring them back, and it doesn’t make their loss any easier to take.  The real injustice would be to let it destroy you.  Don’t let him win.  Don’t let him destroy you.  They are okay.  And wherever they are, they are unhated.

2 thoughts on “The Chapel Hill Murders

  1. This, this tragedy that occurred was so very sad. This is a free country, especially, freedom of religion is one of the basic tenants of our country, even if u don’t believe in those beliefs. You should never have to die for your god.

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  2. We’ve had a few well-publicised anti-Islam incidents in Oz, too. Nasty people. Self-righteous. And, as you say, hypocritical.

    The guy I buy dried fruit from is a big Muslim. Friendly guy who operates a market stall. He’s big and has a bushy beard and a skull cap that makes him look like a stereotype. A few weeks ago a TV crew tried to draw him into some controversy and he refused to comment. But he said, “If you film me and put me on television, and if you say I said something that I didn’t, I will come to your home.” That would have convinced me. >:-)

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